Here is a collection of showphotos from different show true many years.

Best of Best winner again!

COY'01 EC Du Monet Juliān NFS DSM


Juliāns daugther, Misty Titten Tei, my tortiesmoke adult girl

was BIV and BOX both days at the same show at Hansakatten in June 

Photo by


On this show a photo from the Best of Best Categori I panel.

Multi BIS and BOB winner

EC Du Monet Juliān NFS was BEST of BEST Categori I winner both days

on the left you can see Misty Magnet, BIS 6-10 month both days!!

A closer look of Misty Magnet BIS 6-10 month both days!

Misty Space Fashion some year back when she was BIS Neuter at Hansakatten

In 2004 at Berak show.

Me proudly holding EC Du Monet Julian NFS who become BIS and IC Misty I'll Take Vanhattenwho become BOX

Here with my friend Lisbeth Johansen at Hansakatten in 2004, she holding her BIS Neuter EP/GIC Herkules Frost Flake

and me holding my girl Pr. Du Monet Juliźtte, BOX Neuter

In 1997, Julian BIS 6-10 month in Bergen, the same year he was Kitten of the Year # 3 & also COY # 5 in NRR

Hetty again at Berak show where she become BOX


Photo of Juliān from the award show for COY ' 01, held at Sunnmųrskatten in 2002

Best Kitten in Hansakatten ( my club) Misty Look At Me!

Berak in 2004, two of my girls are up for Nomination for Dorte Kaae

This time it was Hetty who went to the panel and later become BOX

Some years back at GRK in Sweden, a huge speciale ring show where Juliān become BEST of BEST Cat I

Look at all his prizes.  We are so proud of him!

From the BIV nom at HK in 2004, me with Ch. Du Monet Donna Karan, my red girl


An exiting moment when our beloved EC (N) Du Monet Juliān NFS,DSM won BIS and Boberan's Nautica was BOX at Hansakatten 2004




Thank you Roald/Kongro or this great photo of Misty back To Basic at Hansakatten 2004.

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